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Guardian fracking debate 30 July 2014

Today’s ‘Guardian’ has an intriguing article by Fred Pearce on fracking, where this very ‘green’ environmental writer comes close to advocating fracked gas as a worthwhile addition to the UK’s energy supplies. Planet Hydrogen, of course, has responded! We speak … Continue reading

How can we use hydrogen in everyday life?

  Easily, and safely! – but only if it is introduced in a measured way, with public education, and the preparation of all the devices and machines which we are used to. We could take as an example the replacement … Continue reading

Why hydrogen? Are there any other sources of clean fuel that could be used?

  On the large scale which applies to our common future – people and planet together – hydrogen is the only viable alternative. If you go back to the periodic table of all the elements, the only serious options are … Continue reading

Pollution rising in Hydrogen-free Paris

Free travel in Paris as pollution rises 13 March 2014 Last updated at 22:20 GMT Free public transport is being offered to Parisians this weekend as the authorities encourage drivers to leave their cars at home in an attempt to … Continue reading

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