Welcome to Planet Hydrogen. From our office in Manchester, UK, we campaign for the adoption of hydrogen as humanity's best fuel. These are the reasons:

1. Climate change imperils us all: the main driver is excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which we as human beings are emitting by our use of coal, oil and gas.

2. The oceans are also changing as a result of extra carbon dioxide entering the sea surface from the overloaded atmosphere.

3. Fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas, cannot last forever.

4. The search for fossil fuels and the policies for securing them, have always led to conflict, and will clearly continue to do so (as Alan Greenspan, US Treasury Secretary at the time, conceded, the Iraq war of 2003 was "all about oil".)

5. We will always need fuel. The only possible fuels for human society are carbon and hydrogen. We have to rule out carbon for the 4 reasons given above. Therefore we must generate, store and use intelligently the gas hydrogen. This site tells us how to do it and keeps our reader up to date on all hydrogen-related matters.