Guardian fracking debate 30 July 2014

Today’s ‘Guardian’ has an intriguing article by Fred Pearce on fracking, where this very ‘green’ environmental writer comes close to advocating fracked gas as a worthwhile addition to the UK’s energy supplies. Planet Hydrogen, of course, has responded! We speak up for wind power, on-shore and off-shore, and the use of this environmentally accessible electricity to split water to create hydrogen, so as to give us the clean gas which we will always need.

Easily forgotten in the pro-frack/anti-frack debate is the certainty that the industrial process of such fracking automatically releases a significant proportion of methane into the atmosphere. This methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas: which after about 10 years degrades into carbon dioxide, the other main greenhouse gas. This CO2 resides indefinitely in the atmosphere. As this site repeatedly says, if we are to have a fuel which benefits humanity and does not harm nature, we have no choice but to generate and use that multipurpose fuel, hydrogen.

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