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Carbon dioxide – our target gas? Here’s why: see this paper by Professor Pierrehumbert:

Here is a really important paper from one of the world’s supreme climate scientists, Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert of Chicago University. He explains how we must keep our eyes on carbon dioxide, rather than be waylaid by too much attention to … Continue reading

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Aircraft contrails – how dangerous for the climate? Amelioration possible?

“Environment Research Letters” has just published an intriguing assessment of the harm which high-flying aircraft inflict on the earth’s heat budget – and how a simple rerouting of long distance aircraft, laterally or vertically, could preclude this effect almost entirely. … Continue reading

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Aircraft contrails – dangerous for the climate?

Here is a really interesting update – thanks to the BBC – on a question which has worried climate science for a long time – does the exhaust gas of high-flying aircraft make global warming worse? It is not only … Continue reading

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Ocean acidification cartoon from a Plymouth UK school

Well done Plymouth!

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