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How can we use hydrogen in everyday life?

  Easily, and safely! – but only if it is introduced in a measured way, with public education, and the preparation of all the devices and machines which we are used to. We could take as an example the replacement … Continue reading

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Why hydrogen? Are there any other sources of clean fuel that could be used?

  On the large scale which applies to our common future – people and planet together – hydrogen is the only viable alternative. If you go back to the periodic table of all the elements, the only serious options are … Continue reading

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Are there examples of where hydrogen has been used successfully?

  Yes! There are lots of hydrogen success stories, many of these are within transport, for example public buses in various cities. Visit our “Links” page for more specific examples.  

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If it is such an obvious and doable alternative, why hasn’t it been done already?

  The key reason is commercial rather than scientific: it is the power of incumbency, whereby those who acquire the dominant position in a given market are able to hold off all challengers, and have been able to gain the … Continue reading

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How does it work, where do we get the hydrogen from?

  Hydrogen is a component of water, so we must separate it from water using electrolysis. This is a well understood technology, using the passage of an electric current through specially treated water. For example, it has been done on … Continue reading

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Isn’t hydrogen much less efficient than carbon?

  It depends what you mean by “efficient”. You need a lot less by weight for the same energy output via oil or natural gas or coal, but hydrogen is a highly voluminous gas, so you need a lot more … Continue reading

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Isn’t hydrogen quite a dangerous gas to be using in our homes and other close proximities? Isn’t there a hydrogen bomb?!

  All fuels are dangerous: the gas in our stoves and the petrol in our cars are equally explosive and flammable. The key is to prevent leaks, just as with current fuels. And the H-Bomb is a very different matter, … Continue reading

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At last – hydrogen entering the shipping industry! Liverpool etc

Shipping at Liverpool. Outreach worker Mike Koefman took copious notes from this conference and will post a decent summary in the ‘blog’ section by mid July.

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Ocean acidification cartoon from a Plymouth UK school

Well done Plymouth!

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Manchester UK climate meeting 22nd March 2013

Draft – BME Communities and Climate Change 22nd March 2013, London Scottish House 24 Mount Street, Manchester M2 3NN Programme 0930 Registration 0955 Welcome and Introduction Atiha Chaudry (Chair of Manchester BME Network and Greater Manchester BME Network) 1000 Setting … Continue reading

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